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Focus Questions for Anecdotal Notes: Literature Discussions
from the Literature Circles Resource Guide
by Bonnie Campbell Hill, Katherine L. Schlick Noe, and Nancy J. Johnson
©2000 Christopher-Gordon Publishers, Inc.

1. Is the student prepared for the literature discussion?

2. Does the student use the text to share passages? To support ideas and opinions? How effectively?

3. Does the student listen actively to others?

4. Does the student ask questions? What kinds?

5. Do the questions get a thoughtful response?  Which are most effective?

6. Does the student contribute thoughtful ideas?

7. Does the student make predictions?  How effectively?

8. Does the student build on other peopleís comments?

9. Does the student keep the group on task?

10. Does the student discuss unknown or interesting words?

11. Does the student make personal connections to his/her life? At what levels?

12. Does the student make connections to other books, authors, and experiences?

13. Does the student discuss the authorís craft and word choice?

14. Does the student discuss literary elements (plot, setting, characters)?

15. Can the student reflect on literature circle participation and set goals?

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